Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Write a Good Book....

      Any one can do it really. Write a book, I mean. To start, a  strong imagination is the most important part. Without an imagination your story will be dull. Imagine a place, real or imagined and make that your setting. Get it down on paper. Not much to it.
       Characters must be created. You need your main character(s), supporting character(s) side characters who really aren't important to the story, but possibly pass along some important knowledge to the hero. Try to get in your characters mind. Who are they, how do they act, what do they believe, what skills do they have, who are their family, things like that. Making characters is the most important step along with the plot. This really should come after the setting. If you are having troubles writing while keeping your setting clear and your characters true to themselves, then let your setting fall away until a latter draft when your characters are well established and then add the setting in.
        Depending on the style you prefer you can either write an outline of your plot or jump into the writing and think up things as your write. Personally I prefer a loose outline. A loose outline will give you a dirt path to follow. As you write you can change the path of your story a bit or a lot. Having an outline can be as simple as These are my characters, this is how it starts, and this is how it ends. Other options are a list of everything that is going to happen in faint detail, or a list of major events that are going to push your characters toward the goal. These are only a few options and latter I will have more tips for writing outlines.
       Most people would say that before you start writing there should be a theme. I say that you should find a theme only if you are comfortable with it at the time. The theme can be developed as you write and when you go back to read your story the theme should become clear to you. If not then you should try to make a theme evident.
         Just like you learned in primary school every story has a conflict to resolve. No conflict to resolve, no story. So what is the conflict. Is it a war that your hero must stop? A mystery that must be solved? what ever it is, make sure that it is there
          So to make it a good story the conflict has got to be resolved. depending on the type of story it could be resolved in a number of way, but I won't get into that now. Latter I will have more on the topic.
          So now that you have some of this stuff figured out you need to start writing. So Just write. Get a first draft finished and then rewrite and rewrite and keep rewriting until you finally have something worth the amount of time it will take to read and more. Just keep writing until every word seems to glow in its perfection when its read. That is how a good book is written.  

Latter I will have more on the topic of writing a book so check back latter. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Day...

So, it's been another long day and I come to post on this blog like... nothing.

I just want to ask anyone out there is they have read Assassin's Creed: Forsaken? It looks good (because I'm an AC fan) But I don't know if I want to spend the money on it...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

Come Read Some of my Work

I just posted some of my work on It's called The 10th Letter and is the first book in a series I'm writing called The Brotherhood (Just a working title). I'm wondering if anyone wants to read it.
Here's the link:

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A list of great fantasy/sci-fi authors

Fantasy Authors I Highly Suggest 
  • David Dalgish 
  • Brent Weeks 
  • Gail Martin 
  • John Flanagan 
  • Rick Riordan 
  • Alison Goodman
  • J.C Harker
  • Jacquelyn Smith
  • Nicholas A. Rose
  • M.M. Perry
  • Aiki Flinthart
  • Tim Marquitz
  • Christopher Kellen
  • David Rosser
  • John R. Fultz 
  • Charlie Fletcher 
I have read at least one book from all of these authors and have found their writing exceptional, according to my taste. I suggest you try reading some books from these authors. I love comments so, if anyone has an author they would suggest I would love to here from you guys or if anyone has opinions on the Authors I've listed here I would love to here from you. :) 


Sorry, I'm horrible at keeping up with this blog thing with school and all. I mean can't really complain. I'm sure you guys have full time jobs and I'm complaining about school so I'll just stop complaining now. I'm going to try and commit to posting at least once a day if I possibly can.
So I figured it would be a good idea to let people know who I am.

My name is Amellia, I was born in Victoria and have moved at least 20 time in the course of my years. My parents were divorced when I was 6 years old and my mom remarried when I was nine at which point we moved form Canada to the states. I am home schooled and spend a lot of my time working on my school work. When I can find the time, usually when I'm not taking care of my various pets, I write. I am fascinated by ancient and fantasy warfare and for this reason often find myself with my nose stuck in an Epic or Heroic fantasy type book. Love reading :)
I am a total nerd when it come to Greek and Roman history and mythology. I love reading books like the Iliad and the Aeneid. I love studying medieval times and many of the stories I write are based off of many things that happened during the crusades.
During the summer months I am often found hanging out at my friends house and down at the racetrack. I Love camping, hiking, running, horse back ridding, hunting, and swimming. I love the beach as it reminds me of my home. I love the rain and can't imagine living anywhere hot.
My future wish is to be an Equine veterinarian and specialize in off season race preparation and on track care and emergency work.

So there's a little about me. :)     

Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: Beyond the Shadows by Brent Weeks

           Beyond the Shadows
     Brent Weeks has written an astounding conclusion to his trilogy The Night Angel. This book was filled wit plot twist that kept me guessing..  The characters stayed true to themselves and developed perfectly with their actions, work, and personality. I can see substantial character development from the beginning of the series (The Way of Shadows) to the end especially in Kylar Stern, the main character. The series was well thought out and planed, every book interlocking to make a beautifully put together story like never before, filled with *darkness and light, justice and mercy, shame and honor, and ignobility and nobility*. Characters reveal where their true intentions and loyalties lie. Madness and magic become one in this dark, but epic tale as characters plunge off their rockers. Killers become judges, the banished become gods, and the dead walk. This book is, in my opinion, not recommended for children under the age of 15 years. Beyond the Shadows by Brent Weeks is sure to enthrall all who turn its pages with the dedication to see the story to the end.

* Indirect quote from Beyond the Shadows.*

Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Releses

The Dark Kingdom by Julius St. Clair (This is book 2 of the Sage Trilogy)
The Daylight War: Book Three of The Demon Cycle by Peter V. Bert

The links are to The copies of the books I'm promoting are the Kindle addition since that is what I see when I log onto my account.

Somthing Funny to lighten your Day

Only makes sense if you know what You-gi-oh abridged is (spelling?). It's heck a funny

Review: Sorcerer's Code (Ther Elements of Sorcery)

Sorcerer's Code
This book was amazing!!! I loved the depth of the characters that was developed over a few pages in an organized manner. The tone of the book was amusing and kept me interested the whole time I was reading. Things happened at a good pace (the way most short stories do) and was an easy read that didn't have me stumbling over large unneeded words. Anyone who picks up this book is bound to love it.

Sorcerer's Code- $0.99- For Kindle

(This review can be found on, of course, by me)

Review: Soul Seeker (World of Lasniniar Book 1)

  Soul Seeker
  This book was similar to Lord of the Rings, but I felt it was faster paced than the Lord of the Rings trilogy which made reading it a lot more fun.
This book was about a Shadow Elf who has spent his entire life looking for his destiny or purpose. All other elves know their destiny except Iarion (I think I'm spelling it right...). When the world is threatened by a dark power Iarion sets off with his faithful dwarf friend Barlo (Spelling?), and a Learned One named Lysander (Spelling again?)to stop the darkness and also in hopes of finding Iarions destiny. Many people make sacrifices to complete the quest. Some their lives, their immortality, and even their sanity. With a mix of mystery, a touch of romance and an interesting ending filled with action and adventure, this is a great read. I give it 5 stars.
Link- Soul Seeker- Amazon- $0.00- for kindle :)

(You will also find this reveiw on by me of course)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Looking for Books to Reveiw!!!!!

If any one has a book of the fantasy or historical genre they can send me an email with the book title and author and I will try to write a reveiw for it within the week.

Also, emerging writers, if you have a book or story you would like me to read and review I will do that and would be happy to help publisies the book through facebook, howrse, twitter, my blog and any where else I can think of!

Teen Writer-
                     A.C. Lowe

Book Reveiw: War Horse

War Horse
Reveiwed by Amellia Lowe, high school student, USA. Target age:12 to 16 (maybe?)
Page count:165 pages
Paragraph length: 145 words approximatly
Words on a page: 300 approximatly.
Chapters: 21
Readablity: Fairly easy
  War Horse is a beautifully writen book from the veiw of a farm horse turned war horse named Joey. This book shows the harsh treatment of the horses and the hard life of the soilders. This will rip your heart apart and then put it back together.
  Joey was taken from his mother at a young age and harshly forced into submission after being bought at auction by a drunk. Take to the farm where he will spend most of his young life, joey enjoys the company of Zoey, an old plow horse and his young master Albert and learns to trust. About when Joey turns three the farm he lives on is struggling to get by. Alberts father sells Joey to the army and into a life of Hell, pain, and heart break. Joey meets friends in his hellish world, namely Topthorn, a powerful, tall, shining black stallion who is Joeys rock. together they will charge into artillery fire, pull the dead and wounded out of the trenches, and pull monsterus guns up muddy hills in rain.
  War horse is a beautiful historical fiction that should go on the shelf of any World War 1 collection. This book has an air about it that screams Black Beauty by Ann Sewel, and even starts with the phrase "My earliest memories..." which I belive started off the book Black Beauty. Michael Morpuggo has writen another book in sequence to War Horse. I belive it is called Farm Horse is a great author and I enjoy his writting greatly. I would encourge all to pick up this quick read master peice and devouer it and take in the world of World War 1 that Michael Morpuggo has made jump out of the paper and into our hands.